jurassic jungle

D is for Dinosaur, leading the way

Welcome to the future of cybersecurity recruiting.

We offer an unpaid 6 month part-time internship with the ability to earn up to 1040 hours of real information security experience for a 501c3 nonprofit. We provide team-building exercises in the form of CTFs featuring lessons about Cybersecurity, Cryptography, ITIL, Ethics, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Leadership.

Our Capture-the-Flag events feature original content, cryptographic puzzles, and algorithm design patterns created by NoShitSecurity [hereby NSS] that teach valuable lessons and give Credly badges to those who complete them, as well as granting access to a 50-hour Azure Security bootcamp hosted by Shane Lilly, Security Architect at IBM/Kyndryl and NSS founder.

The NSS Jurassic Jungle® internship is a 6-month pilot project that follows the lesson plan from the original Triassic Trials project launched last year. The Triassic lesson plan can be viewed at

The NSS Azure Bootcamp is closely aligned with domains 3 and 5 of the ISC² CISSP Common Body of Knowledge, and the experience gained by the NSS Interns (hereby dubbed “Keyholders”) can be immediately applied towards their CISSP certification. NSS Interns are not guaranteed job placement after the internship; however the experience, badges, and certifications they will gain are designed to help them find their foothold in the industry.

During the 6-month internship, candidates will be given access to several enterprise training platforms, where they can earn a strategically-selected set of badges and industry-recognized certifications. The interns will have full access to these platforms under the NSS enterprise license(s) for the duration of their internship. This progress will be monitored as assigned. Interns can freely explore these platforms to find their passion in cyber.

Upon completion of the Azure bootcamp, NSS interns will be assigned a series of projects and milestones to exercise their newfound skillset, as well as access to lessons, coursework, and certification vouchers covered by NSS. The deliverables created by the interns during their tenure will be endorsed by NSS for the intern’s immediate use and benefit, and referenced after the project is complete to market the success of the NSS training initiative.

Jurassic Jungle® is a long-term project to provide NSS Azure Security Engineering internships approximately once every six (6) months until September 15th, 2025. NoShitSecurity is a registered 501(c)3 Nonprofit organization, in cooperation with Hak5, OverTheWire, PentesterLab, and Everable training platforms. We’re here to help you find your foothold.®

Note: Entry into the Jurassic Jungle program is granted on a first-come, first-serve basis for candidates who successfully complete a live NSS CTF during the allotted time period (as displayed on the NSS site during the CTF) and on a per-case basis to those who successfully solve the sincera’s pandora discord server entry challenge also located on the website.

For code samples and hints for getting into the server, check out our GitHub. For more information about NSS and the Jurassic Jungle training initiative, please contact:

Without wax,

Shane Lilly
NoShitSecurity Founder